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Students of Std 8th, 9th & 10th (Any Board or School)

Stage 1 – 18th December 2016 (3hr test from 11:00AM to 02:00PM)
Stage 2 – 08th January 2017 (Timings to be announced)

  1. Registrations will start from 20th November 2016 08:00AM on http://nbsc.raoiit.com and will end on 16th December 2016 11:59PM.

  2. Click Register link at the top of the web page.

Individual Registration for Students
  1. Email id of student/parent is required to register & they have to choose a password for login.
  2. Fields marked with * on the registration page are mandatory to be filled.
  3. Choose the Test Location & Test Date carefully.
  4. Make sure that student/parent are aware of the Terms & Conditions of the contest.
  5. After filling all the required fields click Agree & Submit button to complete the registration.
  6. Once registered go to the Login page and login using email id and password chosen while registration.
  7. After login upload the following documents of the student: a) Passport Size Photograph b) Photo Identity Proof c) Latest available school marksheet.
  8. Once these documents are uploaded student can take a printout of the confirmation page cum admit card.
  9. Students have to bring the confirmation page cum admit card on the test day. They also have to submit a copy of the confirmation page signed by the student & parent. If the student qualifies for stage 2 all the original documents uploaded have to be brought for verification.
  10. Individual student registrations will end on 16th December 2016 11:59PM.

  1. Schools can do a bulk registration for the students of Std 8th, 9th & 10th. They will have to download the sample registration template in Microsoft Excel format & email the filled file at nbsc@raoiit.com.

  2. Registrations from Schools will end on 14th December 2016 11:59PM. Student Roll Numbers, Test Papers and OMR Sheets will be sent in soft copy to the email id given by the school.

  3. Once the test is over schools will have to send back the scans of OMR sheets to nbsc@raoiit.com by 19th December 2016. Schools can zip all the OMR sheets and use wetransfer.com to upload the large size zip file.

  1. Free Of Cost

Available inside the online login for the contest or collect from nearest Rao IIT study centre.

Test paper will involve Science & Maths + Logical Reasoning & Mental Ability. There will be separate test paper for each std.
Std 8th: Full syllabus of Std 6th + 7th & upto 1st semester of Std 8th as per CBSE, ICSE & State Boards.
Std 9th: Full syllabus of Std 7th + 8th & upto 1st semester of Std 9th as per CBSE, ICSE & State Boards.
Std 10th: Full syllabus of Std 8th + 9th & upto 1st semester of Std 10th as per CBSE, ICSE & State Boards.

  1. Stage 1 – All the registered students will appear for the test on 18th December 2016. Test paper will be of 3 hours and objective question type pattern. There can be negative marking also for some questions.

  2. Stage 2 – It will be conducted in Nagpur. Top 100 students from each std. selected from Stage 1 will be declared on 25th December 2016 and these students will compete in the final round on 08th January 2017. This will comprise of personal interview of the student with eminent personality from Science & Technology along with a written test. The final result will be announced on 15th January 2017 by 6:00PM.

  1. Students studying in Std 8th, 9th & 10th can appear in the contest.

  2. The prize money will be given to the students when they complete 18 years of age. Till then prize money will be with the academy as a deposit.

  3. Once the winners are declared the students and their parents will have to sign a MOU with the academy. The basic idea of the MOU will be that the student will have to pursue Std XI & XII coaching with Rao IIT Academy only. In case of any other academy or institution claiming the student's admission or results for Std XI & XII JEE (Main+Advanced) or Medical-UG (AIIMS/NEET) coaching the student/parents will forfeit their claim for prize money.

  4. However, to participate in the contest MOU is not a compulsion.

  5. It should be clearly understood that the winner students will have to take admission for 2 year course in Std 11th & 12th at Rao IIT Academy. Rao IIT Academy will provide free hostel facility & coaching to all the 3 toppers in Std 11th & 12th.

  6. Top 3 winners of Std 8th & 9th will be given free admission in Rao IIT Academy courses from the present Std of study till Std XII.

  7. Sample MOU will be shown only to the parents of top 100 stage 2 students on demand. However, no printouts of the same will be allowed.

  8. If a student wants to withdraw from the MOU at any stage of coaching he will be free to do so by renouncing his claim on the prize money by giving a written declaration.

  9. Participation certificate will be given to all the stage 2 students. Final rank certificates will be awarded only to the students who are willing to sign the MOU.

  10. These awards are irrespective of the student's performance in Std XII JEE (Main+Advanced) or Medical-UG (AIIMS/NEET) entrance examinations. These awards will be separate and student has equal chances of winning other awards also.
  11. For any disputes or controversies arriving at any stage of the contest Rao IIT Academy's decision will be considered final.

  1. I hereby certify that the information given in the application form is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief.

  2. I do hereby provide consent to abide by the 'Terms & Conditions' as required to appear in Nagpur's Best Student Contest 2016.

  3. I do hereby declare that the contest registration fees once paid by me will not be sought for refund in any condition.

  4. I do hereby agree to receive alerts via Call, SMS & Email from Rao IIT Academy